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13th June 2021| Sunday | @ 10am IST

If you are someone who,

  • Tired of carrying extra weight in your body.

  • Tried virtually everything possible, every possible diet, every possible workout and still unable to get the result you want.

  • You are in the zone thinking My body is made like that, and no mater what I do, I won't be able to loose weight or come back to my ideal body shape.

Let me tell you, hang in there !!! I would, infact, tell you that the more overweight you are, the more faster or likely it is for you to loose that fat.

And trust me, its not your fault !!!

The HEALTH INDUSTRY has failed us a big way to let us understand the nuances of being ignorant about our health and overall wellness. This industry has mostly remained "Reactive" rather than being a "Pro-active"

And the sad part is, our ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda which speaks about owing up your lifestyle is nowhere to be seen and utilized apart from the doctor fraternity. 

But wait, WHO AM I ?

From Fat To Fit
From Fat To Fit

Fat To Fit
Fat To Fit

Before and After: Wearing Same Shirt
Before and After: Wearing Same Shirt

From Fat To Fit
From Fat To Fit


It was May 2020, when I had my annual medical checkup done and got the shock of my life. Apart from being obese with a weight of over 100 kgs, I got diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition😱. I got to know this in my annual medical checkup. All this thanks to indisciplined lifestyle due to night shifts in IT for almost 5-6 years, binge-watching my favourite shows till late at night, not enough sleep and everything was just not correct. This also resulted in bad body posture, low confidence and simply used to remain unnoticed in the crowd.


Fast forward today, 

➡️ lost 16+ kgs
➡️ lost significant inches,
➡️ improved body posture,
➡️ boosted confidence.
➡️ well planned morning and entire day.

How did I achieve this? Diet?? NOOOO...I am a big foodie !!! Though, I had already tried all the diets but every time, I used to give up after few days.

I achieved this through,

✔️ Right mindset
✔️ Getting to know basic body sciences
✔️ Owning up my mornings
✔️ Getting to know Ayurveda
✔️ Setting up the right balance between workout and food

Things I did not do,

❌ Crash dieting 
❌ Spot workout / long hours of workout
❌ Intake of chemical powders or steroids

After getting into "New Me", I realized people around me are also struggling with similar issues and indulging in unnecessary dieting fundas, mindless exercises and overdose of misleading information over the internet. That's when I decided to share my journey with the people who really want to own up their lifestyle, commit to it and it will make is super happy if I could make people change through my experiences.

My Mission:

I want to help 1 million people - who are suffering from obesity due to sedentary lifestyle, going through stress anxiety, feeling lost - to change their life in terms of fitness health and overall well-being and helping them set on a path towards an active and happy lifestyle blended into their own schedules.

What this webinar is about?

When I started out on weight loss journey, I was entangled in the web of all the over-whelming information from the internet, from the "so-called-advisors", doctors, alien from Pluto and everyone in the universe. I tried lot many diets, workouts but hardly got any result. This webinar is about helping you understand that what is the basic formula to get healthier weight loss in most natural way, without sacrificing your favourite food. This all through my experiments and experiences.

Are You Ready?

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