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A Documentary On

The Power of Barefooting

The Earthing

The Earthing Movie

A Wellness Documentary

Earthing is a scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by doing the simplest thing that a person can do… standing barefoot on the earth. Called “earthing” or “grounding,” connecting bare skin to the ground for extended periods of time can significantly reduce inflammation leading to often dramatic health benefits.

We have adapted the concept of Earthing in our lives especially when we feel some kind of stress or headache. Believe me, merely walking barefoot into the garden for 15-20 mins.


But what is exactly is this concept ???

This concept has been a part of our Indian traditions since ancient times and Ayurveda talks extensively about it. 


Click on the button on the image to view the amazing documentary in which a host of recent scientific studies reveal the stunning and consistent benefits of the electromagnetic relationship between the human body and the Earth.



During our fun-filled and amazing transformation journey, we went through many documentary films, books and other literature based on the wellness, motivation and overall elevating your life. We would like to share some of those resources with you so you also get benefit from them and elevate yourself.