7 Day Morning Ritual Challenge

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How Did You Feel When You Woke Up This Morning?

Waking up early in the morning can have profound impact on your physical health,  mental health,  you get to your peak productivity

In Sanskrit, there is term called Dincharyawhich means Your Daily Conduct taking into account the rules of the nature. As we all know, human body is made up of 5 natural elements (Panchamahabhuta) and hence, it is closely guided by the principle and the cycle of the nature. Hence, as per our ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda, it is very important to align ourselves with the timings of the Sun and the Moon to be at our optimum physical and mental health and overall vitality. 

Brahma muhurta:

Brahma ==> Divine Consciousness  | Muhurta ==> Time

Ayurveda says that Brahmamuhurta is the time which starts at around 1:30 hours before the sun-rise and this is the time where our pure consciousness is at peak. This is the time, when we can learn new things, workout on developing new healthy habits and in a way make our immune system stronger. Not only this, as we all know, morning time is the most peaceful time you can find out of entire day and this is when oxygen levels in the atmosphere are at the highest levels. This can be of tremendous benefit to help brain to rebuild those neurotic network of brain cells and in way improve its functionality.

Did you feel energetic, passionate, like you couldn't wait for the day to start?

OR Did you feel stressed out, tired that made you think there should be a longer night.

If you are like most people, then you are likely felt tired and stressed.​

If that sounds something similar to your situation this morning, then I would like to tell you this...

Do Not Let Your Mornings Be The Source of Negativity For The Entire Day. Convert The Morning Into a Power House Of Positivity & Build Your Strong Powerful Morning Routine.

Because, if you do not own up your morning, nobody will for you. The feeling you get when you wake up in the morning is what determines how your entire day would be. Those who are successful feel differently when they wake up. They are ready to take on the new challenges, new day, and creating new opportunities.

My name is Omkar and I'm going to show you how a simple, everyday morning routine can change everything on your life. I will show you how the legends and successful people around the world are able to get to their peak productivity by simple habits they adapt in the morning. 

I keep saying this,​

"If you  want to know how your life will be in future, the sure proof way is to know how powerful your first few hours of the day are."

Are you Reactive When You Wake Up In The Morning?

  • You hit the snooze button before you wake up.

  • Stress overtakes you before you start your day.

  • Pressure to do everything and meet your deadlines keeps you away from enjoying the morning.

  • You feel exhausted and tired.

  • Not motivated enough to wake up from bed because you know that this is the same morning you have been living for all these years.


If you are in a reactive state every morning, you will not reach your goals. Your ability to achieve what you dream becomes limited.

But hey... All  Is Not Over


A 7-day program that will help you create, implement and practise habits that will help you build power mornings that will ultimately help you to take on your day and crush it. You will learn to be PROACTIVE instead of being REACTIVE

What you get into this?

  Power Morning Masterclass  

  • 7-day masterclass

  • Focus on:

    • Importance of morning rituals.

    • Hyper practical anti-procrastination methodologies.

    • What is & how to identify your WHY 

    • Practice techniques so you don’t lose focus

    • Transforming an individual into a self-reliant power-house.


  Morning Ritual Guide  

  • Stay connected with the things shared in the MasterClass and some extra stuff

  Curated Mobile Wallpaper  

  • Mobile screen can be said to have highest visibility score per day for everyone. Make use of it to stay on your track towards your goal.


  Be A Part Of WhatsApp / Telegram Accountability Group  

  • Making changes in life alone is hard, but it can be fun and made easy with like-minded people coming together encouraging each other

 And Much More... 

What Are You Waiting For???