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Our Story

Myself Omkar - an Engineer and my wife-Apurva- a Dentist. After our marriage, we have been gradually putting on weight owing to our unhealthy lifestyles. We used to sleep at around 2-3 am, binge-watching our favourite Netflix shows, eating pizzas and burger and all cheesy preparation. But we were completely unaware of these things and went on putting weight and increasing belly fat.

We have been trying many diets, workout programs and a lot of things all while but we were unable to continue owing to many reasons - unable to get diet ingredients, distasteful diet, not enough time and so on. The result was we continued our unnoticed weight gain lifestyle.

This process went so slow we hardly noticed it until 4 months back when we had a regular annual medical check-up. We both were over 15kgs over-weight and my HBA1C test was showing me on the border of getting into pre-diabetic condition. Our family has a diabetic history so for me getting diabetic after crossing that pre-diabetic level would be very easy. My wife also got detected with PCOD and that's when we got serious.

But since we had already tried many diets and workout programs, we decided to take things into our hands. We started reading and getting the knowledge of good nutrition, exercise, a bit of Ayurveda and gradually started applying those things and trying out what works for us the best. We now see the results of dedication and commitment with me losing about 16+ kg of weight with muscle growth and this weight loss is permanent, meaning, even if I indulge in junk food for a day, the weight would not increase much and it would get back to normal the next day. My medical test also showed improvement and now I'm way away from the pre-diabetic levels.

So, on this INSFIRE platform, we intend to share our knowledge about health, nutrition, holistic well-being with you so you can lead your active, healthy and happy lifestyle.

Our aim is to make as many people as possible aware of the holistic health aspect and help them take charge of their health and lead a happy, healthy and active lifestyle in the most natural ways. 

Disclaimer: The blogs we write will be purely based on our own experience and all the tips and knowledge we share may not always apply to all people. If you are trying anything from our blog, make sure it is with your own discretion.