Get Your Own Accountability Buddy

This happened with me umpteen number of times,

  • Go over the internet.

  • Search for the diets or workouts or programs that will reduce my weight (at least I used to think so).

  • With full euphoria, I used to start my fitness routine.

  • That euphoria things goes away in the matter of 3 weeks.

  • Again go back to my incorrect lifestyle routine.

Do you know why was this happening?

The main reason was, I did not have anyone to hold me accountable, to help me be on track, to develop interest in these things in such a way that it is not only a euphoriac bubble.

Things started turning out great when I found my own Coach !!!

I want to help all those people like me, who really need someone to push them up. More than a coach, I can your Accountability Buddy.

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